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Light in Photography -   LIGHTING - Sunlight - Effect of Time of day - Clouds

While too much area of sky can often rob our image of visual impact - skys can become a subject in themselves.



These clouds have been shot from the window of a plane which gives a perspective looking across and a sense of height in the structure

Where as here the sky is shot from below and towards the distance - the perspective is quite different

here the viewpoint is directly upwards and effect is different again



Mouse over - Exposure is crucial to gaining depth in the texture of the clouds - if the clouds are under exposed the whites can easily burn out

these 2 images illustrate how exposure effects the texture in the clouds -



In these 2 image we see how including a small reference to the landscape alters the composition


In this image we see how a group of trees can be used to frame the sky


Timing- Clouds are ephemeral and quickly change

Here is a sequence of still images taken from 5.16 am and 6.12 am( about and hour) that illustrate how quickly the visual structure of clouds and light change in the sky.

Because of the visual interaction with the frame as a design, you will notice how certain frames have greater visual impact than others.


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