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Dusk Light

Dusk is like dawn light but the changes happens in reverse. It is the time immediately after the sun has set - the twilight when there is still ambient light in the sky to see colours before it falls of to the half light and later what we perceive as darkness. However, take into account that there is often more moisture particles in the air during early morning which tend to evaporate during the day and this can create a different effect than at dawn.

In this image we see the contrast of the red earth and the blue which can sometime happen in this light.


While these moisture particles can create a misty effect, they condensate and attach themselves to dust and pollen particles which fall to the ground once the sun rises, creating a clearer sky. This is a general rule and many other variables like weather conditions can effect the light.



if your keen on photographing cars – a good technique is to wait until after sunset – dusk when there is still some ambient light in the sky  - place the camera on a tripod and use a slow shutter speed – this will give the car an amazingly luminous feel



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