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Light in Photography -   LIGHTING - Four factors of Light in photography

Any light source can be used to take photographs as long as the intensity is sufficient. The results will depend upon Four key factors.

1. Type of Light source

this refers to the nature of the light source, whether it is daylight, flash, artificial light, a candle including a combination of light sources

In this photograph we see the distinct difference betwen ambient dusk light and tungsten light on the clock face


 2. Quality of light 
This refers to the quality of the light source, whether it is direct (where the light shines directly
on the subject like a bright sun in a cloudless sky) or diffuse

(where the light is reflected from other surfaces onto the subject like an over cast sky)


3. Angle and direction

This refers to to where the light source is in relationship to the subject and the position of the camera. For instance the light from a sun early in the morning is different than a mid day sun.

4. Intensity of the light

If the light is not intense enough film will not react to it in a predictable manner.

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