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Portable Flash systems


Portable Flash systems have been developed in much a similar manner as 35 mm SLR systems with many interchangeable parts. The main flash head is usually detached from the camera and while it can be used along side the camera on a bracket that fits into the base of the flash, it can also be positioned some distance away to give a greater range of lighting options. A dial allows the unit to be used on manual where the power can be varied in one stop settings, or auto settings where the computer sensor establishes the exposure depending upon the asa and the distance the subject is from the camera.


The power for these units often comes from a battery pack that can be slug on the photographers shoulder via a strap. This unit may also contain the capacitor and is connected to the flash head via a power cord.

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While the flash head has a sensor built in , an accessory that comes with these units might be a remote sensor that can be attached to the camera hot shoe to control the light during the exposure, but allow the flash head to be positioned to give side lighting on the subject.
Flash sensor

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Some units have a built in Zoom head where a special screen is moved in or out to focus the light for the appropriate lens used on the camera. It might zoom from a 24 mm lens setting , where the light is directed over a wider area to a 135mm lens setting where the light is directed in a narrow beam. With some units this comes as an accessory that is fitted onto the flash head. These attachments often allow for coloured filters to be located in a slot in the side.
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