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Front swung left

Swing  - pivot on vertical axis.

Swing moves the centre of the image circle to the left or right of the centre of the film.  However, the  swing does not change which section of the image circle is recorded on film since the optical centre of the lens and the centre of the film stay aligned.

Swings and tilts of the lens standard have NO effect on perspective, but they alter the plane of focus. (Just remember in a normal camera we focus with the lens)

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Front Swung Left

With the front swing movement rotated the central area on both planes of the cube remains in focus while both outside edges become unsharp . Not the apparent distortion at the edges though these areas out of focus. The Plane has been swung so the edges of the cube are not  parallel with the centre. 
The imaginary lines of film and  lens are no longer parallel.


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