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What is a Camera ? - Pinhole cameras

The concept of the Pinhole camera, relates to the camera obscura where there is literally only a light tight box with a small pin hole opening to project the light onto the film. Images made with pinhole cameras have a unique aesthetic and many people still make and use cameras like this to create images. 


I used this technique for the work "Carbon Obscura", where I drew a landscape image with thousands of tiny pinholes punched through sheets of carbon paper that let the sunlight penetrate a darkened space.


Image reversal

Mouse over image

The rays of light reflected from an object enter through the pin hole and reform on the plane at the back of the camera to form an image. But in the process the rays cross over (laterally reversed) and the image is formed upside down and reversed left to right. We can see the top of the tree reforms at the bottom of the camera. This principle also holds for all cameras with lenses as well.




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