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DSLR Cameras - Digital single lens reflex cameras

While a professional DSLR camera presents a great deal of creative options many photographers who purchase one are frightened to use many of the features and tend to use the camera with all the settings on automatic.

Lets look at the crucial area of Exposure and the possibilities offered.

While various camera makes and models have different layouts and dial positions, (you will have to refer to you camera manual for this information) over all, the creative possibilities each offers are generic.

The diagram below lays out many of the exposure functions offered by DSLR cameras.


This diagram is mapped, click on a section for more information

DSLR exposure chart

Manual exposure Aperture Value exposure mode Time Value Auto expsoure Program Auto Exposure mode Sports Program Mode Exposure Compensation ISO Settings Bracketing Exposure systems Matrix metering system Centre weighted meter system Spot metering system Averaging meter system camera white balance


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