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What is a 35mm single lens reflex SLR camera?

Perhaps the most common and versatile camera is the 35mm single lens reflex camera.


These are the most popular camera made.

Although the Soviet GOMZ sport (1935) was the first 35 mm SLR, it was the Ihagee Kine-Exakta (1936) that was truly influential, from here there have been a steady stream of developments through various classic makes and models.

Easy to use and now quite cheap, the design was developed to allow a wide range of screens, lenses, motor drives, filters and other accessories to be used and have a most usually have a light meter built in and coupled to the aperture and shutter controls.


The biggest advantage of this type of camera is that they allow viewing through the taking lens and give a precise view of how the subject is framed and where the exact point of focus is. The image is projected through the lens onto a mirror where the image is focused onto a ground glass screen, and from here onto another series of mirrors to an viewing window. When the shutter is released the mirror is swung up allowing the image to project through onto the film.


Some photographers find them hard to focus in dim light situations while others may be distracted by the brief loss of image while the exposure is made as the mirror is swung up. The mirror returns immediately after the exposure.



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