Past workshops with Lloyd Godman - facilitation - © Lloyd Godman

Nga Waka NZAAE conference Auckland 2003

The 8x10 sheets of photographic paper laid out on the floor with the Waka laid on top. The exposure for the photograms was mad by the flash from a compact digital camera that took these images.

Photogram Workshop - Nga Waka NZAAE conference Auckland 2003

At the Nga Waka conference Lloyd Godman ran a photogram workshop titled Photography in 5 min's.The work shop dealt with as a basic introduction to photography through the use of photograms. Towards the end of the workshop one of the participants brought in a small section of corrugated iron that Jeff Thompson had been working on for his large Waka work. On seeing this Lloyd was reminded of the time when Jeff was Fancies Hodgkins Fellow at the Otago University and the intention both he had Jeff had to make large photograms from Jeff's sculpture. On the spur of the moment Lloyd decided to engage all the workshop participants in a large photogram work of Jeff's full sized Waka.

Another of the images taken with the lash of the camera for the photogram exposure.

The Finished Photogram

Jeff Thompson

Jeff Thomson at work on his Waka sculpture

Kerri Alidge and Shona Cameron

Kerri Alidge and Shona Cameron


Piecing together the large photogram.