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Tillandsia SWARM - experimental living plant sculptures by Lloyd Godman based on the principle of super sustainability - © Lloyd Godman

An ecological art - science work utilizing Tillandsia plants which need no soil or watering system



Separated by geography and context, AIR is an expanding, ecological sculpture with a twin; titled SWARM.

SWARM consists of a diaspora of caged Tillandsias (air plants), scattered across a range of urban sites including Eureka Tower, CH2 and Essendon Airport. The sophisticated biology of air plants enables them to up-take all water and nutrients through special cells on the leaf, even absorbng toxic airborne heavy metal particulates. Further to this, they are one of few plants that can exchange CO2 for oxygen at night offering a valuable means to filter the air. Over time the plant leaves are tested to reveal comparitive pollution levels within the urban environment.

AIR, is a gallery-based work. Tillandsias and their cages are combined to form the word AIR. However, here, each plant and cage corresponds to a plant and cage outside the gallery walls, and viewers are provided with a photograph, location, installation date and QR code / short URL that directs to further information on the particular site.




Alpha Space Air Plant Systems (ASAPS) PDF info