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B and W magazine feature

B&W Magazine in the US published an 8 page spotlight feature on Godman's work for the January 2008 issue - Issue 57. The feature contains more than 20 images from a wide range of series from 1984 to 2007 and an insightful text by Dean Brieley.


"It is doubtful if Australasia has a more protean, visionary and ecologically committed artist than Lloyd Godman". B&W Magazine



B&W Magazine is the premier high-quality magazine of black and white photography for collectors of fine photography. It has a circulation of 28,000. As a concept, B&W is primarily a magazine for collectors of fine photography. At the core of each issue are 10 Spotlight articles that feature a selection of work by collectible artists mature masters as well as promising emerging photographers. All images in this section are available for purchase from the artists directly or from their gallery representatives. In addition to the Spotlight section, there are departments on auctions, news, museum exhibition listings, and book reviews, as well as in-depth interviews with collectors and photographers. Each issue contains in excess of 200 illustrations and is therefore also an invaluable source of inspiration to photographers and other individuals interested in fine art photography.


carbon obscura lloyd godman





Residency in France - 2007

During a trip to France in 2006, Lloyd Godman was invited to undertake an environmental artist in Residency at L'Arbre de Vie / Chateau de Blacons, Blacons, Drome Valley, France in 2007. Once a year the Château invite an international artist to work for a month or so in the grounds of the Chateau, with an exhibition to follow.

Lloyd completed three separate but related works for the exhibition. One of these was another version of the Carbon Obscura work exhibited at Montsalvat, as part of Structure Space, and Place, Installations in Nillumbik, curated by Tony Trembath and supported by the Nillumbik Sire Council

This involved darkening and enclosed space and creating landscape images by piercing the covering with a pin to let the sunlight penetrate the space. As the audience step into the space they triggered a fog generator where the rays of sunlight materialized in an intriguing manner that has captivated the audience.

However, where as the design in the work at Montsalvat covered only the walls, the work at the Chateau was larger and the landscape design produced from piercing thousands of tiny pinholes in an opaque covering covered the roof and walls.

Like the Monsalvat work, the reaction has been fantastic with many of the audience returning many times to view the work under varying light conditions. People of all ages and backgrounds respond to the work in the most delightful manner.

The other components of the exhibition included: a light projection work and a series of 37 original cyanotypes.

Lloyd has just completed the residency with the exhibition, which runs till 21 Oct, opening on Sat 15 Sept.

View the work



Bill Hammond Image

The Christchurch Art Gallery are presenting an exhibit of Bill Hammond later this year and Ron Browson curator at the Auckland City Art Gallery has been invited to contribute an essay to their publication.

As part of the catalogue the pair of portraits that Lloyd made of Bill at the Auckland
Islands in 1989:

Lloyd Godman
Bill Hammond, Auckland Islands 1989
gelatin silver print
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki collection
purchased 2002

Lloyd Godman
Bill Hammond, Auckland Islands 1989
gelatin silver print
Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki collection
purchased 2002

will be reproduced in the catalogue.




Structure - Spaces - Places

May 9 2007: Lloyd had an installation work in the green house at montsalvat as part of the Nillumbik Shire

Structure - Spaces - Places

Sculpture exhibition - This is a work where I'm blacking out the entire space of the greenhouse with sheets of carbon paper and making images that project onto vapor via thousands of tiny pinholes - its like making thousands of tiny pinhole cameras -


more information phone Tony Tembath on 03 94333131

Installation site - Green House at montsalvat



Lloyd Working on fixing the carbon paper to the insulation backing paper - March 07


Daylesford Foto Biennale

June 31 2007: As part of the Daylesford Foto Biennale, Lloyd had a solo exhibition of the Equivalence work from Wilsons Prom in the Union Bank Arts Centre Clunes.


Image from Equivalence series - Pigment print / charcoal