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NEWS Lloyd Godman

entropy composites - © Lloyd Godman


entropy string 14 - Lloyd Godman - image is mapped click on a section to enlarge or - enlarge image above -

The image is available as a pigment print - print dimensions 110 x 198 - consisting of Triptychs 370 - images 1110

These are still images from the Entropy String randomized projection that featured in BushfireAustralia at TarraWarra Museum of Art 2010- the projection consisted of more than 4500 images - The projection was developed with assistance from Regional Arts Victoria and Arts Victoria

entropy is a measure of the disorder of a system. This on going series is based on the disastrous bush fire inferno that devastated the St Andrews Kinglake area of Victoria, Australia - Feb 2009

As an element of variability, weather is something we understand on an hourly or daily basis. In contrast, climate encompasses a wider range of variables but ironically suggests relative stability. Through carbon emissions and deforestation, human interaction introduces an accelerated change in climate where disorder enters a system once believed be to “stable”. Difficulty arises in deciphering abnormality in a variable system assumed to be ordered. Where is order in the fabric and where is disorder in the eroding threads?
As a vehicle to investigate entropy, this series of triptychs juxtaposes visual disharmony against the human desire to perceive visual order. It plays one gestalt against another.  Based on a landscape affected by the disastrous bush fire that devastated the St Andrews area of Victoria, during February 2009, the work metaphorically relates the effects of environmental catastrophe to potential cause.