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Timed Lapse II - enLIGHTen - a survey show curated by Ross Farnell - © Lloyd Godman

Timed Lapse Burrinja Gallery

Timed Lapse II - interactive Museum Diorama - Burrinja Gallery, Melbourne, Australia - Lloyd Godman 2008


Timed Lapse is an intreguing but complex work, both technicaly and conceptually.

This work came from the Timed Lapse work I installed at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Atlanta USA in 2005. Some year ago, Neil McLeod had purchased the old wooden museum case that had housed Phar Lap in the Melbourne Museum. The case had been in the foyer of Burrinja Gallery and during discussions on the content of the survey exhibition was offered as a possibility. In 1998, I had previously used a museum case in the Class I fication work so I decided to utilize the large case for Timed Lapse. In November, Omnigraphics had offered sponsorship to print a large work that I might need. They had a new product, Bio Flexthe First Landfill Degradable PVC, thy wanted to associate with my work. This bush backdrop scene was 8.5m x 2.5 m which fitted into the sides and back of the case. The panorama was constructed from 9 images. The floor of the case was lined with leaf litter living ferns and grasses, logs etc. Extending up from the floor at various angles were tree branches, which added the illusion of 3 dimensions.

Almost against the backdrop,in the centre of the case, was a hollow log with a web cam mounted on it. The cable was concealed through the cavity in the log and ran off to the computer. Suspended from the roof of the case was a wooden plant trough with vegetables growing in it. In front of the case was a plinth with a game control that allowed the audience to photograph themselves. These images were lodged in a data bank in the computer. The sequence of images were continually projected via a screen next to the case and also relayed to a data projector that projected the images onto the table top of the Source work in the adjacent darkened space. EAch time the new projection sequence would add any new images.