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The Point in visual design

The most basic element of image design is the point. The point is usually a small part of the overall image. When we talk of a point we mean visual point of interest - something that visually contrasts with its surroundings.

To be significant it has to contrast with its surroundings perhaps in colour, tone shape or texture. The eye is led to this significant point






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In this image we have a series of points that contrast with the background

The eye is led from the most dominant point to a smaller point in the image.

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Many images can be read in terms of Points, Lines, Shapes, Cool and Warm colour areas. When we look at our sample image we can read it in terms of points. We see small areas that stand out as points in the image.

In this image of the lake and mountains there is no focal point or point of interest.


In this image the yacht adds a single point that attracts out attention


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