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Light in Photography -   LIGHTING - The nature of Materials we photograph

Different types of materials either; reflect differing amounts of light, absorb light or transmit light.

It is quite possible to photograph a subject which has various elements and all three are present. Say a building with a row of windows at dusk. The structure of the building might be made of dark bricks and be absorbing most of the light falling on them, while there could be lights on in the building which is transmitted out through the windows, and at the same time the lasts rays of sunlight might be striking the top windows at an angle that reflects the light directly at the camera.

In this image we see the walls and other objects absorbing light - the colour of the objects are actually the light reflected from the surface and the other wave lengths are absorbed. So - a black object absorbs nearly all the light - a white one reflects much of the light.

In the glass window we see transmission where the light is transmitted through. The colours are defined by the light which is not absorbed by the glass.

On the floor and on the surface of some of the paintings we see the light reflected off the surface.




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