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Diana Camera

Perhaps one of the most popular toy cameras has been the Diana Camera

Just remember, shooting with a Diana is like a lucky dip... you never know exactly what you're going to get.  Read as much as you can about  them, because they're a "quirky bugger".

Have fun!

Holga or Diana toy camera which are cheap plastic cameras that have plastic lenses that are not quite sharp and falloff in illumination at the edges. This is why there is also a vignette at the edge of the image. Diana Cameras have now become collector’s items while Holga cameras can still be purchased. You will find them on ebay.


For instance, be sure to  use photo-tape to tape ALL SEAMS on this camera, including the red dot where you read the frame number. They can leak light like a sieve. You have to commit to buying a lot of film, taking a lot of shots and recording the info on each, so as to learn how to get what you want. They are far from magic, but every now and then  you get a really great shot. 

The focus is simply set manually to various distances marked on the lens.
Diana F camera - Diana F Camera
  Flash Diana Camera
Diana De Luxe Camera Diana De Luxe Camera
  Lens Diana Camera
  Diana De Luxe Camera and flash
  Flash for Diana Camera


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